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Our other seasoning with added sweetness and the only product we offer with Mesquite Flour not being the main ingredient. This is a Brown Sugar based BBQ rub that still contains 23% Mesquite Flour along with our other spices.


This spice was inspired by Trick, the border collie mentioned above. He was the original "Donkey Dog" raised and trained by Burro Bob. Now twelve years old and retired from the donkey gig, he has become the nicest old boy one could ever meet while still maintaining a strong "don't mess with me" personality. This is reserved for those ignorant enough to mistake his sweet disposition for weakness. After spending a decade dealing with Jack Asses, I would expect no less.


This same sweet disposition attracts little kids like flies to sugar. They come up, look at him, he smiles back, and then it is pat on head, stroke paws, look in ears, hug neck, kiss head and whatever else.

This is a sweet rub that is meant to be spread liberally over your favorite Pork, Poultry, Beef, Lamb or other protein. Preferably after coating with something like stock, fruit juice, olive oil, butter, bacon grease, or whatever else you like. Then cook low and slow so as not to scorch the sugars and create a nice sweet bark over the meat. If your meat is not done enough when the rub looks just right, wrap in foil and flip every 15 or 20 minutes until desired temperature and tenderness is achieved.


Then just like Mr. Tricky, you'll want to finish up with a belly rub.

Life is good when done right.

Mr. Tricky's Mesquite Bean Bar-BQ

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