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One of the two spices we have with a little sweetness added to compliment the natural sugars in the Mesquite Flour. Combined with coarse black pepper, cayenne, chili powder, garlic, cumin, onion and other confidential seasonings that make up the base for our Southwest Seasonings it has a sweet and slightly fiesty presonality.


Just like Miss Treat, a McNab Shepherd raised and trained by my brother (Burro Bob) she helped Mr. Trick, a Border Collie, care for 102 donkeys at a sanctuary for neglected, abused, ferral, or retired burros in Northern California.


When doing work like that, the ability to be both "Sweet and Fiesty" helps keep your teeth and ribs intact while on the job.


She currently works with my brother in law and sister standing guard, herding chickens, rousting racoons, jackin' deer, keepin' bears in line, and telling the dogs in Lake George what she thinks.


A versatile seasoning for raw or cooked veggies, fruits, and poultry. Customer favorite uses also include potato chips, popcorn, salads, rice, polenta, mashed potatos, and various dips.

Miss Treat's Sweet and Feisty Mesquite Seasoning

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