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Utilizing New Mexico Green Chile, renowned for it's exceptional combination of flavor and heat, makes it the perfect compliment to the sweet nutty flavor of our Mesquite Flour. 


The main ingrediant of the Green Chile, Red Chile and Ms. Treats Sweet and Feisty seasonings is wild harvested Mesquite Bean Flour from our Southwestern Deserts. The Mesquite Bean Flour absorbs moisture and flavor from foods so that our seasonings can compliment their flavor and not overpower them. Our products are low sodium and gluten free so if you are not worried about the salt you can add a little to help enhance the flavor. The quality of our flour is what makes the big difference.


We hand pick our beans when they are ripe and pull easily from the plant or collect them after a big wind from tarps spread under the tree or bush the day before. Anything that hits the ground belongs to the many desert critters that utilize these beans as a major food source. That would be almost every warm blooded resident and some that aren't. When harvested correctly there is plenty to go around. 


These sustainable practices limit the amount of quality product we have to offer and result in higher pricing as supplies dwindle. We also must limit very large orders in order to take care of existing customer needs at this time.

Green Chile Mesquite Bean Southwest Seasoning

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