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This seasoning uses New Mexico Red Chiles to provide a nice little sharp red chile bite without being over powering, and a flavor that is second to none. 


The spicy pepper flavor one experiences when tasting the seasoning by itself, sprinkled on raw foods, or when applied after cooking is mellowed when used during the cooking process. The cooking heat releases natural sugars from the mesquite which take a lot of the peppery edge off, allowing the nutty earthy mesquite flavor to be the star while still keeping a little kick.


This versatility makes it a great all around seasoning. For a little zing spread liberally on things such as fresh tomato, cucumber, cantalope, watermelon, salads, and my personal favorite, roasted sweet corn covered in butter and seasoned to taste.


For a unique Southwest mesquite flavor use on meats as a rub for smoking, grilling, roasting, or as a seasoning for anything that suits your fancy from eggs to zucchini. Let your imagination run wild. 

Red Chile Mesquite Bean Southwest Seasoning

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